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Why thousands of businesses use music on hold

AUDIO BRANDING.Why thousands of businesses use music on hold.

How a customer perceives your business is crucial to your success. That’s why you probably invested in a great website and striking logo.

But what happens when a calling customer is left to wait on hold? Are they met with beeps, silence or a scratchy version of your favourite prog-rock album?

Whatever it may be, does it really match up to the image you are trying to create? One of professionalism, competence and impeccable customer care?

Waiting on hold can often be irritating but it’s also necessary in a world where most business is conducted over the phone.

A phone call is often the first point of contact a customer will  have - and if handled badly, is likely to be the last.

That’s why thousands of companies, large and small, have turned to Audio Branding, music on hold, as a way to positively engage with their target audience.

The statistics go further to explain the rapid growth in this sector of the telecoms industry.

●     Playing music on hold instead of beeps, ringtones or silence, will keep callers on the line for 25% longer.

●     More than 50% placed on hold will remain connected for over a minute if provided with company information or music.

●     43% of callers are dissatisfied by the way their calls are handled by businesses.

●     73% of callers won't do business with a company again if their first call isn’t handled satisfactorily.

●     54% of callers think a company sounds more professional if they use bespoke music on hold and voice messaging.

●     34% of callers who hang up will never call back.

●     7 out of 10 business callers will be placed on hold.

●     20% of callers have purchased additional products because of information they have heard on hold.

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