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What Is Audio Branding

Today we talk about Audio Branding – what it is and why it has become increasing popular?

In fairness – audio branding – in its different guises has been around a long time. Audio branding creates an audio reference to a visual reference in that, if a brand can’t be seen – then let it be heard and vice versa.

Film and TV have historically put a huge emphasis on music. It creates an impression, a feel or an identity – and tremendous thought is given to how the music is written and produced. Theme tunes are a great example – the theme tune for the movie Jaws is over forty years old (at the time of writing this article) – yet it is still immediately recognisable and synonymous with anything remotely related to swimming in the sea and shark attacks. The same can be said for other memorable movie themes such as James Bond, Star Wars, Superman, The Great Escape and many more – Audio Branding doesn’t happen by chance or accident.

TV works in exactly the same way – you could be sitting in the kitchen whilst the TV is on in the lounge. Eastenders, Coronation Street or Antiques Roadshow will be on air and becomes instantly recognisable by the theme tune without you seeing anything. Effectively – this is audio branding in its finest form – being heard when not being seen. Radio works in exactly the same way with jingles and soundbites – I could go on…

In recent years we’ve seen the emergence of audio branding in the corporate sector. With companies seeing a huge importance in audio branding speaking volumes for their business. Think Beanz Meanz Heinz, For Mash Get Smash, Intel Pentium Processor, Express Delivery for the Daily Express and Mmm Danone – the list goes on.

Audio branding reinforces a brand, makes it memorable and stickier with a client. It shows a thorough approach to being understood and where a company sits in its market-place. It increases awareness and covers every eventuality – if we can’t be seen then lets at least be heard… and so much more. If you know what comes after Beanz Meanz … and For Mash Get … then the audio branding exercise has well and truly done its job!

So, for any business looking to raise awareness, steal a march on their competition it really is as important to sound as good as you look! Yes! Make sure your company logo reflects the company you are or trying to be. Yes! Make sure your website and any related promotional material catches the eye – but don’t forget to catch the ear also!

Audio Branding doesn’t only exist for the large multi-national organisations, it is as equally important for all business types and sizes. Understand the importance of audio branding and how it can work for your business.

Be seen, be heard, be remembered.