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Seven reasons why you should use Music on hold

Seven Reasons Your Company Needs Music On Hold.

Today we look at the reasons why Music On Hold is a must for businesses.

Estate Agents, Dental Services, Solicitors Practices, Building and Plumbing Merchants, Doctors Surgeries, Schools, Colleges, Retailers, Wholesalers, financial services, support services the list goes on and on.

Music On Hold is an audio broadcast – a bit like a radio jingle – which uses the free airtime generated by a business’s phone system when callers are placed on hold.

1.       Raising Awareness – companies can change product or service offerings on a regular basis, be it changes in legislation, seasonal offerings, new item lines – the list goes on. Keep your customers in the know with what you and your company have to offer.

2.       Increasing Sales – Macdonald’s are the Kings of the upsell. The will always offer you more than you ask for. Use Music On Hold to increase sales by advertising current offers and services to holding customers. Don’t miss the chance of an upsell.

3.       Create the Right Impression – How do you feel when you call a company and get put on hold and are met with silence or bleeps? Not sure that you have been cut off, and no indication when your call will be answered – irritating and frustrating – we’ve all been there. There is a solution – Music On Hold. This will improve the customer engagement, create the right impression and give you an opportunity to raise awareness and possibly even upsell. Which one best fits your business? Silence, irritation bleeps or a customised Music On Hold recording? Remember a caller will hold for less than 30 seconds on average when met with silence on hold.

4.       Automated Messages – part of a Music On Hold offering is Auto Attendants/IVR’s, Overflow and Night Messages. These professional recordings enable businesses to deliver key information to a calling customer both in and out of business hours. Auto Attendants can direct callers quickly and efficiently to a particular department and Night Messages can deliver key business information such as out of hours support numbers, email and web addresses and much more. Don’t miss any opportunity to engage with a calling customer and provide a seamless enjoyable communication experience. Add Auto Attendant, IVR’s and Night Messages to your Music On Hold offering.

5.       Playing commercial music through your telephone system. First question is – why would you do this. It is incredibly expensive – as you will require licences to play any such music, you may keep customers entertained – but you’re missing a great opportunity to increase awareness about your company and potentially increase sales. Did you know that 30% of callers make purchases directly following hearing it on hold!

6.       PRS & PPL Licences – Any business will require a PRS & PPL licence to play commercial music through their phone system to calling/holding customers. Licence fees are dictated by the amount of lines you have connected to your business. These licences can run into thousands of pounds and even carry a custodial sentence if unpaid. Music On Hold is a cost effective, proven and much better option!

7.       70% of callers are placed on hold every single day. What is your company policy in relation to this? Are you missing a trick – are you getting your message across – are you shouting louder than your competition – is your competition focused on making sure they get heard over you! The answer? Music On Hold